Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship are at the forefront of the Three Leaf Concepts Mission.  We try hard to promote these principles and have made many changes, both big and small, to create a business that is eco-conscious, community driven, and environmentally sustainable.


Here’s some of the things that we do to promote these values :

* Purchase of Three Leaf Farm – In 2010, we purchased a small, 10 acre farm on the banks of the Coal Creek in Lafayette.  Our small, urban farm grows a multitude of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs, all of which go directly to the restaurants to be used by our creative chefs on our menus.

* Composting Program – almost all of the organic waste from the restaurants is returned to the farm to be added to the compost mountain.   Clean kitchen scraps are given directly to the chickens and goats, who then “internally compost” it and return to us their rich fertilizer, which is also added to the compost mountain.  Each growing season, we till huge amounts of this nutrient rich, vibrant mix back into our fields.  This cycle of growth, harvest, food preparation, and compost enriches everything that is grown on Three Leaf Farm.  We are able to imbue the soil with our intentional spirit of care and stewardship in every step of the cycle.

* Recycling Program – In addition to the compost that returns to the farm, we also work closely with Ecocycle on a program of extensive recycling.   Naturally, we recycle all glass, cardboard, and paper, but we also recycle food scraps that we can’t use at the farm (animal products, bones, etc) and strive to be as close to zero waste as we can be.

* Compostable Disposables and To-Go Containers – Three Leaf Concepts uses compostable disposable paper products and either  re-usable, recyclable To-Go containers or To-Go containers that are fully compostable.

* Energy Usage –  We offset our electrical usage with Wind Energy, and have replaced and upgraded all lights to LEDs.

In 2012, our restaurant, The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse was honored by The Nature Conservancy with the Nature’s Plate Peoples Choice Award, for our green practices.