About Us

Three Leaf Concepts employees enjoying a day at the farm

Three Leaf Concepts

is the management group formed to support the locally owned, award winning restaurants of Lenny and Sara Martinelli, and Jerry Manning.

Overseeing six restaurants in Boulder and Louisville, as well as Three Leaf Farm, Three Leaf Catering, and the Boulder Tea Company,  is a broad, multi-faceted endeavor that relies on the talents of our team members.   We believe strongly that our employees and managers are the backbone of the company, and their hard work, commitment, and talents are the foundation of our success.


Contact Us:


Lenny Martinelli – Owner, Founder, Chef – lenny@threeleafconcepts.com

Jerry Manning – Owner, Director of Operations – geraldmanning@threeleafconcepts.com

Sara Martinelli – Owner, Designer, Director of Organics – sara@threeleafconcepts.com

Matt Carvalho – Director of Finance and Administration -matt@threeleafconcepts.com

Rachel Marrs – Director of Catering – rachel@threeleafcatering.com

Nikki Colgate – General Manager, Boulder Tea Company – nikki@boulderteahouse.com